‘How can I make my company more sustainable? Where am I in my life? Where do I want to go? What are my next professional goals? How do I approach cultural change processes?’ or ‘Why can’t I be heard by my employees/colleagues, or even by my boss?’ These are typical questions from our Clients, which we accompany them in answering.
In a Business Coaching dialog we work out your personal and professional goals. We analyze the current situation – possible obstacles and uncertainties, discuss different ways to solve them and develop a strategy for the future. The responsibility for the content is always in your hands – you decide what you do and how you implement it. The business coach supports you in the process, questions factual matters, assessments and evaluations in order to reveal all options for the future direction.
As part of our ‘Business Development across Cultures’ program, we offer individual and team coaching to develop intercultural competence and accompany change processes. Further information can be found here