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Project Leader at Huawei Technologies about the Business Development across Cultures Program

Executive Director, Center for Leadership & Cultural Intelligence, Singapore

The Business Development across Cultures program explores the benefits of applying Cultural Intelligence concepts to customer satisfaction and team performance. A manager with high Cultural Intelligence (CQ) can enter into new cultural settings – national, professional, organizational, regional – and understand what is happening and why, confidently interact with people, and engage in the right actions.

Head of Extended Video Integration, Deutsche Telekom

The cross cultural program has changed a lot how we work together now. During the workshop we saw that it was more about the project culture that we needed to create, rather than about national cultures. I feel it is personally very inspiring to work across the different cultures. Sometimes it is about the little things: they showed me for instance how to type on a Chinese keyboard. I suggest such an initiative for any cultural change project. Background: The Business Development across Cultures program was introduced at Deutsche Telekom and Huawei during the joint development of Deutsche Telekom’s Entertain

VP Sales, Huawei Belgium (2016)

We introduced the Business Development across Cultures program in Belgium in 2016 when working with one of our customers on a large infrastructure project. The program really helped all parties to become more aware of different ways of doing things in China and in Belgium. We practiced how to work together across the cultures. ‘It’s not wrong, it’s just different’ became one of our catch-phrases. The customer’s satisfaction on our collaboration went up by 75%, which I think is quite impressive.

Service Delivery Director, Huawei Germany

Communication is often difficult. Communication in a project with complex software is always a challenge. Communication against the background of pronounced cultural differences in a project with complex software is a decisive success factor. Therefore, both our customer and we as a supplier were happy that we were able to implement this program together for the benefit of our project.

International Enrollment Advisor, University of Liverpool

I became a Cultural Broker in the Business Development across Cultures program with KPN and Huawei in The Netherlands. As Cultural Broker you lead by example, demonstrating cross-cultural awareness, knowledge, and behavior. A lot of communication and interaction between the teams; quite challenging but also very necessary. This program really helped us in building a trustful relationship.

Project manager, Huawei Netherlands

As a Cultural Broker I connected the employees from different companies and departments. Working across cultures can be very exciting!