Lead to Excellence

Lead to Excellence
Successful and efficient leadership with mind and heart

Leadership competence is not an inherent talent, but the result of intensive training. Motivating employees to develop their full potential while mastering difficult situations and conflicts is one of the core competencies of any leader. The way to lead with ‘mind and heart’ is to know and understand oneself and the behavior of one’s employees, and at the same time to build up an emotional connection to the people, which makes high performance in the team possible.

The goals

In this seminar you will learn ways to achieve a strengthened and sustainable effect in your communication and in your actions. You will learn techniques to manage change and complexity with conviction. Together we will look at your personality as a leader, how it presents itself today and how you can develop it individually. You will get to know the most Important leadership styles and how to apply them in concrete situations. Neuroscientific research results are applied as well as the experience of well-known leaders – we generate a pool of knowledge and experience from which you as a leader can benefit. You will not only study the tools, but will also practice them in a team. This seminar is highly interactive and you will achieve the best results if you participate ‘with your mind and heart’.

The content

Successful leadership begins with yourself. What characterizes me as a leader, where did I have good successes and what didn’t go so well? We start with this a few weeks before the seminar. For this purpose, we will guide you to analyze the success factors of your leadership by reflecting on previous experiences. In the seminar you will then work with these experience patterns to learn from supposed mistakes and to bring out your strengths.

In the three-day seminar you will learn and practice along the following topics and action points:

• The mindset of high-performing leaders
• Lead yourself and lead others
• Analysis of success and failure stories of executives
• Techniques for ‘rewiring’ the brain
• Changing ways of thinking and behavior
• Influence and persuasiveness – the power of dialog
• Dealing with emotions
• Negotiation and conflict management
• The leader as a secure supporter – creating trust in order to drive change forward
• Individual feedback
• Personal action plan

We also offer follow-ups based on your personal action plans.

Duration: 3 days
Location: by agreement
Dates: by agreement