No Culture Shock

Globalization and Digitalization –
Successful strategies in intercultural business

We live in a world of cultural change and increasingly intercultural coexistence. What does this mean for our business processes? How can we develop something completely new and at the same time continue to appreciate and support what already exists? How do we establish a corporate culture that brings both aspects together and connects people from different cultures? Evolution or revolution – How do dynamic entrepreneurs act in established business environments? Where different cultures meet, tensions are possible. At the same time, numerous research results and practical experiences show that intercultural teams, if managed well, deliver higher creativity, more efficiency in communication and better overall results.

‘No Culture Shock’ Seminar – Goals

In this seminar you will learn how to successfully shape intercultural change processes – without ‘culture shock’. You will get to know cultural dimensions and models and apply them to your own specific situation. You will develop a strategy and a concrete action plan on how you want to act in intercultural situations in the future. Here we deal with two subject areas in the application:

  1. the increasing globalization and the associated interaction with employees and customers of different cultural backgrounds
  2. the digitalization of business processes and a corporate culture that combines tradition and disruption

The seminar includes a personal preparation talk on the experiences and goals of the participants, on the basis of which the trainer sets the priorities of the seminar.

Topics of the seminar:
  1. Culture Shock – what change processes can cause in our brain
  2. It’s not wrong, it’s just different’ – how we develop a cultural mindfulness
  3. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) – cultural models and dimensions and how we can use them in dealing with other cultures
  4. Cultural Broker – a role model for intercultural cooperation
  5. Digital Drama – where innovation processes often fail
  6. The Innovator Dilemma – How do I attack my own business?
  7. ‚Fail fast – fail cheap’ – a culture of failure as a successful model?
  8. Experienced specialists and wild youth – how do I integrate existing success with new strategy?
Duration: 2 days
Location: by agreement
Dates: by agreement