High Performance Management Program

Successful business development is essentially based on three factors:

  1. Your personal skills as a Business Leader in leadership of employees and the business
  2. The leadership competence of the team leaders and the motivation and cooperation of the team members to achieve their goals
  3. A future-oriented business strategy that positions your company in the market and differentiates it from its competitors

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Accordingly, we offer you three service levels.

Level A
The Business Coaching Dialog

‘How can I position my company for the future? Where do I stand in my life? Where do I want to go? What are my next professional goals?´ or ‘Why can’t I be heard by my colleagues, or even by my boss?´ These are typical questions from our clients, which we accompany them in answering.

In a business coaching dialog, we work out your personal and professional goals. We analyze the current situation – possible obstacles and uncertainties, discuss various possible solutions and develop a success strategy for the future. The responsibility for the content is always in your hands – you decide what you do and how you implement it. The business coach supports you in the process, questions factual matters, assessments and evaluations in order to reveal all options for the future direction.

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Level B
The Leadership Seminar – ‘Lead to Excellence‘

Lead to Excellence (LtE) is aimed at executives in companies or self-employed who want to increase their performance, their effectiveness as team leaders. We work in the following directions

  • Strengthening the effectiveness of your actions and your influence

  • Lead yourself and your team with conviction through change and complexity

  • Develop and expand your leadership styles according to the situation

 We offer LtE as a three-day seminar for individual participants or for a group of executives within a company.

LtE can be very well combined with a business coaching session. As a result of such a dialog, you may come to the conclusion that you want to further develop your skills as a leader. In a similar way, LtE participants often decide to discuss their action plan developed in the workshop with their business coach during the implementation phase and get new ideas for the realization.


Level C
Business Development Consulting

Business Development Consulting (BDC) is aimed at decision-makers and executive managers in companies who want to develop a new strategy for their area and implement it with their management and teams. We accompany these change processes in terms of content in strategy development with business area analysis, definition of goals and business model, external communication and definition and measurement of success parameters. Furthermore, we support you in the implementation and internal communication, with the definition of processes, the clarification of responsibilities and the dialog with the employees.

We work together with our clients at the BDC level according to their individual needs. In any case, a commitment at this level includes at least one business coaching dialog (Level A), where we work out the needs and goals. If you are planning larger change processes in your company, we also recommend an LtE seminar (Level B) to align the managers and team leaders with the new goals.

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